Open Source Self-Serve Analytics Using Hadoop

Query Terabytes of Mobile JSON and NoSQL data with SQL.
Visualize using OneFold's Facebook React iOS Chart Plugin.

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Customer Showcase

  • "OneFold automates our JSON data pipeline into a SQL-based cloud data warehouse so I can ask any question, and still get High Performance for Large Data Sets. Highly Recommended."

    Jason Citron - Founder and CEO, Hammer & Chisel, Funded by Benchmark Capital

  • "Love OneFold's Open Source platform to analyze by user behavior by unifying data from all of my JSON data sources: MongoDB, Mixpanel, and JSON server logs into a SINGLE data warehouse"

    Hung Tran - Founder and CEO, Gotit

  • "OneFold enables us to run Ad-hoc SQL on JSON without any work on our end even as we run experiments and introduce new features."

    Jakob Wilkenson - Founder, Awear

OneFold auto-ETLs JSON data into Apache Hive, inferring and applying schema dynamically. OneFold also provides a Charting library for data visualization.

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