BigData Warehouse in the Cloud

Query Across All your Data Sources

Customer Testimonial

Jason Citron,

Founder, Hammer & Chisel
Funded by Benchmark Capital
"Within a day, Onefold's BigData Warehouse unified ALL of my JSON data into a SINGLE data warehouse with support for easy SQL querying so I can ask any question, and still get High Performance for Large Data Sets and Export result sets to Excel for Visualization. Powerful. Highly Recommended."

Unified Data Warehouse
Easily Unify All your Data Sources in One Data Warehouse
in the Cloud. 1 TB in Less Than a Day.

OneFold’s Dynamic Transformation Engine
Transform ANY JSON - Simple or Nested into SQL query-able tables. As JSON Data Structure Changes, Our Engine Dynamically Update your Schema.

High Performance
Leverage Google’s Awesome Elastic Columnar Technology. Built for Incredible Performance and Scale.

Ease of Use
Use Standard SQL for querying and Excel for visualizations. Alternatively, use WYSIWYG tools like Chartio for Querying and Visualization.